Aluminium Modular Doors Aluminium Modular Doors
Aluminium Modular Doors

The Bamford Modular Door, a visually appealing security door, which provides excellent resistance against vandalism and forced entry.

The smart design is for customers who require something more aesthically pleasing, but still require strength.

Constructed using our exclusive heavy duty, hardened aluminium section, it can be designed to give a wide choice of door styles and configurations, to suit virtually any application and environment.

Manufactured using the same engineering techniques as our tried and tested GRP range.

The product is Secured by Design approved and tested to STS202 BR2.

The door sets are bespoke, easy to install with minimal disruption to residents or users.

All doors can be fully stripped down on site, down to component level including glazing.

Aluminium is corrosion free, suitable for all locations including coastal properties and engineered for low maintenance.

Aluminium is carbon neutral and environmentally friendly. Which is becoming a must have requirement in the communal entrance market place.